#include <graphics.h>
void getlinesettings(struct linesettingstype *lineinfo);
getlinesettings fills a linesettingstype structure pointed to by lineinfo with information about the current line style, pattern, and thickness.

The linesettingstype structure is defined in graphics.h as follows:

struct linesettingstype {
   int linestyle;
   unsigned upattern;
   int thickness;
linestyle specifies in which style subsequent lines will be drawn (such as solid, dotted, centered, dashed). The enumeration line_styles, defined in graphics.h, gives names to these operators:
Name Value    Description
SOLID_LINE 0 Solid line
DOTTED_LINE 1 Dotted line
CENTER_LINE 2 Centered line
DASHED_LINE 3 Dashed line
USERBIT_LINE    4 User-defined line style
thickness specifies whether the width of subsequent lines drawn will be normal or thick.
Name Value    Description
NORM_WIDTH 1 1 pixel wide
THICK_WIDTH    3 3 pixels wide

Return Value

See also

/* getlinesettings example */ 

#include <graphics.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

/* the names of the line styles supported */

int main(void)
   /* request autodetection */
   int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode;
   struct linesettingstype lineinfo;
   int midx, midy;
   char lstyle[80], lpattern[80], lwidth[80];

   /* initialize graphics and local variables */

   initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, "");

   /* read result of initialization */
   errorcode = graphresult();
   if (errorcode != grOk) {  /* an error occurred */
      printf("Graphics error: %s\n", grapherrormsg(errorcode));
      printf("Press any key to halt:");
      exit(1);               /* terminate with an error code */

   midx = getmaxx() / 2;
   midy = getmaxy() / 2;

   /* get information about current line settings */

   /* convert line information into strings */
  sprintf(lstyle, "%s is the line style.", lname[lineinfo.linestyle]);
  sprintf(lpattern, "0x%X is the user-defined line pattern.", lineinfo.upattern);
  sprintf(lwidth, "%d is the line thickness.", lineinfo.thickness);

   /* display the information */
   settextjustify(CENTER_TEXT, CENTER_TEXT);
   outtextxy(midx, midy, lstyle);
   outtextxy(midx, midy+2*textheight("W"), lpattern);
   outtextxy(midx, midy+4*textheight("W"), lwidth);

   /* clean up */
   return 0;

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