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Borland BGI Graphics emulation
for the
MingW (GCC port) Compiler

(Windows BGI - with mouse) version 6.0 is currently maintained and distributed by Michael Main at the University of Colorado

Michael welcomes us  to . . . use and modify this library as you like”.

This release does not modify Version 6.0 of WinBGIm (Nov 2005 update), except for some trivial changes that were needed to get it to compile and link under MingW 5.0.3.
WinBGIm is installed as part of  Quincy 2005 (a simple C/C++ IDE for MingW) and Codeblocks EDU-Portable (Codeblocks-EP, an educational distribution of the Code::Blocks IDE). It is also required as a building block of the koolplot 2D graph plotting library, also released with Quincy and Codeblocks-EP.

Download the WinBGIm 6.0 library for MingW 5.x.x

download WinBGIm, graphics libraryDownload WinBGIm here

Library built with MingW 5.0.3 and GCC 3.4.5

Headers and library installation:
Copy headers winbgim.h, and  graphics.h To your MingW #include directory.
Copy library libbgi.a to your MingW lib directory.

Note: The current version is based on the Nov 2005 updates to the library. These updates use mutex threads to fix instabilities on some systems when using previous versions.

It is recommended that you update if you are using any of the previous versions of WinBGIm from Colorado University.

Download The WinBGIm 6.0 (Nov 2005) source code

download WinBGIm source, graphics library quincy componenthere.

To build the library, use the provided makefile under the MSYS system, or use the provided Quincy_2005 C/C++ IDE project file, WinBGIm [libbgi.a].PRJ

The latest publicly available source code is available from Michael Main's BGI directory.

A Guide to WinBGIm Functions

is available WinBGIm function guide, graphics library quincy component here, or mirrored locally  here.

Note: This guide presents some simple WinBGIm examples. Quincy 2005 makes it easy to program with WinBGIm and has a tutorial on how to display grids with moving characters for board/platform games or simulations.

Modified: July 2006 -  Maintained by: WinBGIm page maintainer